The Guide Awards 2017: Vì một nền kinh tế xanh Với tiêu chí nổi bật về đảm bảo những giá trị xanh và phát triển bền vững, The Guide Awards 2017 bình chọn và vinh danh 115 thương hiệu 🌷Đặc biệt, với tiêu chí hoạt động phù hợp với nhiệm vụ bảo vệ môi trường, bảo tồn và phát triển hài hòa với cảnh quan thiên nhiên, 8 đơn vị du lịch khác đã đoạt giải Sen Xanh 2017 trong đó Princess d’An Nam Resort & Spa được vinh dự nhận giải thưởng 🌷Green Lotus “Du lịch Xanh – vì một nền kinh tế Xanh” (Green Tourism for Green Economy) & 🌷Giải Thưởng Excellent Resort of The Year “Khách sạn Tốt nhất của Năm”

🎉🎉 Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year at PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa.
🌺This season, spend your holiday with PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa. Enjoy our special dining offerings designed by our team of culinary experts for the occasion. Download our brochure at

🌺 PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa
Address: Hon Lan |Tan Thanh Commune |Ham Thuan Nam District |Binh Thuan Province |Vietnam
Tel (84 252) 3682 222
Mobile (84) 937 519 444
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PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa have been named winners in the 2017 Gold Circle Awards by Agoda – one of the world’s fastest-growing online booking platforms. The Gold Circle Awards is given to top-performing accommodation partners of Agoda around the world that exemplify the best qualities of the online booking travel experience.

Princess D’Ân Nam Resort & Spa is located in the peaceful heart of Kê Gà Bay. As the first all-villa boutique 5-star resort in Vietnam, its secluded sanctuary is the perfect beach destination for an intimate, romantic getaway or long awaited escape, away from the chaos of city life.

The Gold Circle Award is marking its 9th year in recognizing its hospitality partners, with its selection criteria including consistent stellar customer reviews; competitive pricing and availability; and commitment to delivering a memorable customer experience.

Announcing the winners of the 2017 Gold Circle Awards Mr Errol Cooke, Vice President – Partner Services at Agoda said: “It’s a great pleasure to announce the winners of the 2017 Gold Circle Awards, which honors excellence in the hotel industry.”

Running for now the 9th Year, the Gold Circle Awards recognizes properties that meet the following standards:
• Standing amongst the top 1% of Agoda’s properties
• Consistently stellar customer reviews
• A commitment to delivering a fantastic customer experience

According to Agoda, for a full list of winners by country and city, please visit…/